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Latigo Associates will work with you in finding the perfect words to describe your goal and vision in building your company or organization, as well as in designing a look the represents who you are. With more than 20 years experience in agricultural journalism, Julie Bryant has been a contributor for such publications as The American Quarter Horse Journal, Paint Horse Journal, Western Horseman, Horse & Rider and many others, with press releases appearing in publications around the world.

Here are some samples:

 Feature Writing

Identity Crisis

Western Horseman

USDA’s efforts to implement a national animal identification system have been met with confusion and outrage. With so many forms of identification already in use, horse owners question the reasons behind yet another government program

Gambling On The Future (link to story)

Western Horseman

With racehorse welfare making national headlines, the horse industry is being scrutinized for putting money before the well-being of young animals. Racetrack injuries and deaths may have sparked mainstream interest in the issue, but high-stakes stock horse futurities beg the same question: ARE YOUNG HORSES PUSHED TOO HARD, TOO SOON?


Performance Horse Journal



Press Releases

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